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Get our leather price list and cowhide leather supply prices for 2019.Ironically, deer have just enough oil, or lecithin, in their brains to adequately tan their own hides.

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Here is what I did, I tanned a deer, and caribou hide with a brush on synthetic tan.

This hide is not as nice on the suede side, but the leather side look.The tan producer also recommended an after tan softening oil applied 12 to 18 hours after applying the tan.

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The ladies are always super friendly (not fake), and are so thorough about answering my seemingly incessant questions.

McKenzie Taxidermy offer premium quality tanning kits for small and large mammal tanning and reptile tanning.Works for professional taxidermy use and home tanning. 8 oz. Bottle tans one deer hide or several furs.Tanning needs for Hunters, and Ranchers on your North American hides.

Tanning a deer hide is a rite of passage, cementing blood ties to our hunting forebears who depended upon skins for warmth and who respected slain animals by never letting any part go to waste.

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It produces a soft, supple Indian-style tan in 5-7 days, and is pre-mixed and ready to use.

However I wanted to know how and how long I can store them taned.A lot of preppers are into supplementing their food supply through hunting and trapping.Tanning in Red Deer - dietetic store, Health Clubs, health food store, Health Foods, Retail, tanning salon, Tanning Salons - address: 5511 50 Ave - Red.

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Deer, Elk and Moose handling and shipping instructions. Home of:.

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And while drying, I followed the tanning directions and stretched the skin by hand, this is not hard, nor does it take very long to do.It has become challenging to source and find good supply of game hides which is already seasonal in its nature.When you need expert tanning at a great price, Wildlife Fur Dressing, Inc. has exactly what you need.

Buckskin is a leather primarily made from White Tail Deer, Elk or Moose.

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Hunters and fishermen can find taxidermy services in the taxidermists directory.This hide weighs 10.7 oz. Look at photos for more information.

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Brain tanning is an ecologically sound and sustainable form of aldehyde tanning used by ancient civilizations around the world, including First Nations people on this continent.

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Although all tribes used materials from the natural world to produce velvety-smooth leather, there were variations in techniques.

Using a tanning oil solution, which can be purchased online, evenly coat the flesh side.For this reason, please contact our warehouse directly for current stock availability and pricing.

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If you hunt deer and other animals for their meat, why not use their hides as well.The lack of custom tanners for hunters to bring their hides to for tanning has now resulted in a shortage of game rawhides as most game hides are now left to waste.After sitting in the tanning solution, I could not get it to wring out to save my life.


Tanning a deer hide is a great way to use a little more of the animals we harvest.Our reputation for providing professional quality work at a fair price is well known.

I have always had an interest in primitive survival techniques, and I enjoy teaching myself the lost arts of our ancestors.NO extra charges for hair cleaning or removal of dried blood, SHORT -Y INCISION (Other Tanneries charge an additional 15% for this on the North American animals), bear claws do not need to be wired, nor will you be charged to wire them.

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If the tails are still on the hides and you want to leave them on, you should be able to do so, preserving them in the same way you will the hides, after removing the tail bone.American Indians have been tanning deer hides for centuries, but the process is more of an art than a science.

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A broad selection of instructional taxidermy books, taxidermy videos and a library of taxidermy how to instructions are available to help you learn the fascinating art of taxidermy.

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How to Tan a Hide Here is a method of tanning leather that is low cost and low labor compared to other methods of tanning. Use three to five pounds for a sheep or deer skin.

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We have Furs for sale, Hides, Deer skin gloves and we do custom tanning.

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